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GlossTek installation.
NCS is considered the best GlossTek installation contractor in the country based on our six years experience installing GlossTek to numerous substrates. The use of GlossTek will eliminate the strip, re-coat, and burnishing cycle ultimately reducing floor care expense by up to 45%. One coat will provide from 18 months to several years of glossy, clean, consistent appearance. GlossTek is sustainable and will reduce solid and airborne pollution by 70% over a ten year cycle. We no this sound to good to be true but it is, Please contact us today for a free estimate. Visit our web sight to learn more.

Green floor care
The environment is a hot topic, and government incentives are being offered to facilities that use green and sustainable products. NCS offers cutting edge products and techniques that will help facilities improve the appearance of their floors while receiving leed credits and dramatically reduce airborne and solid pollution.

Conventional floor maintenance
We have over 23 years experience providing conventional floor maintenance. From large to small jobs NCS will deliver unmatched quality and attention to detail. We are capable of stripping and applying finish to up to 40,000 square feet a day. Our highly skilled technicians and ability to work at such a high productivity level allows us to offer competitive pricing. Floors that may take all summer to strip and wax can be completed in one third the time with outstanding results and savings.

Specialty floor care
There are so many types of new flooring materials that are flooding the market many
of which require strictly followed maintenance guidelines. Marmolium, luxury vinyl, recycled rubber, PVC coated wood veneer, just to mane a few. N.C.S. works directly with manufacturer representatives and flooring installation companies to ensure all recommended procedures are followed. We have a vast knowledge of different types of floors and can identify just about any substrate.

N.C.S. is known for our ability to restore floors that appear to be damaged, worn, or neglected beyond repair. We enjoy the challenge, if you have any floors like this in your facility give us a call before you remove and replace.

Safety systems
N.C.S uses a product system in which we can provide a desirable appearance wile dramatically improving the slip resistance of the floor. This in a low maintenance system that can be used in conjunction with other floor products to make the “ Hot Spots “ in your facility safe against slips and falls. The association for loss management figures the average slip and fall claim will cost $24,000. This system is perfect for ramps, stairs, and landings, Operating rooms and hallways near scrub sinks, restaurants and food service areas, virtually any where you need to improve slip resistance.

Chair and furniture bottom protection
The biggest way we see for people to save money on there floor care budget is to address their chair and table bottoms. NCS offers Facility audits to identify and catalog all of the furniture in the facility. Estimates are provided for supplying the adequate long term furniture bottom protection, as well as the removal of old and replacement with the new non-marring bottoms. This service will have a return on investment in months by reducing floor maintenance frequency and eliminating permanent damage to the flooring substrate.

Terrazzo & Concrete polishing
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Ceramic/porcelain grouted tile restoration program
NCS offers a grouted tile program that will make almost any floor look like new. Our system consists of restorative cleaning, at proven grout colorant if necessary followed by an ultra durable urethane top coat. This system will eliminate bacteria growth in the grout, eliminate odors, and improve the appearance dramatically.

Stained Concrete
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Epoxy and urethane coating
NCS offers unmatched quality in our concrete coating systems. We will work with our clients to make the best choice of coatings to fit their needs. We are dedicated to over killing the surface preparation resulting in a perfect track record when it comes to coatings pealing or delaminating. NCS offers competitive pricing while using the best products available including no-odor coatings

NCS was started in 1986 and we have always looked for ways to improve. The result of our instance for finding the most effective techniques and procedures has allowed our company to grow based almost exclusively by client referrals. NCS is offering high efficiency floor care training. Our system will help your staff improve productivity while at the same time improving the end result. NCS also offers Platinum GlossTek certification. This training covers all facets of GlossTek installation, surface prep, product handling, project game planning and post installation care. Platinum certification will dramatically improve the appearance of the GlossTek in your facility while significantly reducing product waste and labor.